Australian Capital Adventures

Charming Australian children’s books featuring Aussie animals having adventures in ACT.
By Angela Moyle.

Wombat Book
Phoebe the wombat lives in a lovely burrow in the bush capital of Australia - Canberra. She knows she lives in the best place in the world, but the temptation to explore the lovely green hill nearby is much too great. Find out what happens to Phoebe when her adventures lead her face to face with the Prime Minister of Australia!
Clyde the echidna doesn’t like it when his habitat is invaded with people.  He usually tries to stay out of the way until all the crowds have left, but this year he is lured out of his hiding place by some lovely juicy ants. What does Clyde get up to on his unintentional adventure?  Will he finally discover why so many people love to visit his beautiful home in Canberra?
Australian Capital Adventures
Australia Capital Adventures books have enjoyed their own adventures of being sold in Canberra book stores, Parliament House and Floriade.  They have even travelled to England to be part of His Royal Majesties’ book collection.
Wombat CartoonWombat Cartoon wombat scared wombat cute
'Australian Capital Adventures' by Angela Moyle have the potential to become future Australian Classics.
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