Australian Military Artist Ian CoateI am a self-employed artist and your support means a great deal.  When you buy one of my products on either this website or Red- Bubble  it enables me to produce more military artworks, publications and Australiana products.  Your support keeps my business – in business. Thank you so much.
Part proceeds of many of my products go to various military charities. Please click on your interest below.

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Limited Edition Military Prints
Military Prints by Ian Coate

Prints are high quality reproductions of original artworks. A Signed, Limited-Edition Print indicates there will only be a set number and will not be re-printed. This makes Signed, Limited-Edition Prints very collectable for investors.

Prints are similar to shares in there is no certainty of their investment potential. However, I’ve had a number of my prints sold later at various auctions for well over $10,000 each (no, I don’t receive anything from future sales – it all goes to the fortunate owner).

Part proceeds of many of my prints go to various military and civil charities. I’m proud that well over $200,000 has been made for these charities from my artworks (more than what I have earned from them).

Thank you for your support when you purchase one of my prints. It allows me to continue creating military art.

Please Note: Watch out for fake prints on ebay. Some overseas sellers are claiming they have legitimate prints for sale and are selling them under license. If you are unsure if they are legit, ask the seller if the print is personally signed by the artist. If you are still in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact me with any concerns.
A Few Words on Prints

Australian Military Artist Ian CoateWhat are Limited Edition Prints? Prints are high quality reproductions of original artworks. A Limited Edition Print indicates there will only be a set number and will not be re-printed.

Print Tip: Keep all prints away from direct sunlight or they will fade over time no matter the quality.

Are Prints Good Investments? As investments, prints are like shares - there is an uncertain risk. The highest known resale of one of my prints to date is 'Our Duties Done - VC Edition'. This Limited Edition originally cost $220. A single print (signed by four VC Recipients) was resold at a charity auction in 2013 raising $20,000. However, this is the exception and not the rule. The best rule in purchasing a print is to buy because it appeals or is meaningful to you.