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Ian Coate Logo For two decades my wife and I have been quietly working on a project called, Mythic Australia. It has been a labour of love between raising three kids and fulltime jobs in art and IT. We started Mythic Australia hoping to engage Aussie kids with their own country. With the internet and TV being international, kids are generally focused on other countries more than their own.  So the challenge for us was to create an Aussie-themed fantasy (to compete with the likes of Harry Potter and Pokémon) that would spark kid’s imagination and motivate them to get out and explore Australia. 
What is Mythic Australia?

Mythic Australia is a fun fantasy universe filled with Drop Bears, Hoopsnakes, Nutters and Doodackies and hundreds of other mythical creatures.  It’s an adventurous land where dragons are not on top of the food chain.  Mythic Australia is a series of Aussie stories and enchanted resources for children (and adults that still love a good yarn).

Drop Bear
About our Mythic Australia Books.
Mythic Australia Books

Our books are principally aimed at Primary School aged children but are also written where adults will have a laugh as well (like Shrek).  This is to encourage families to read together and inspire them to go on adventurous outings to personally discover Australia’s spectacular landscapes, wildlife and flora. 
Our main Mythic Australia trilogy, is an adventure that circumnavigates Australia.

Mythic Australia Magical Map

Book One: The Land of Adventure, is the story of Kip, a little nutter who lives in a gumtree at Kings Park, who flies around Australia on the back of a willie wag-tail with his little green mate, Pip. They have magical adventures at real locations like Wave Rock, the Nullarbor and the Great Australian Bight.
Book Two: Discovering Down-Under, picks up the journey as Kip, Pip and Tattle continue their mythic holiday. There’s romance on the Murray River, dragon-storms on the Bass Strait, misty markets in the rainforests of Tasmania, wild musters on top of Mt Kosciuszko and a treasure hunt on the Great Barrier Reef.
Book Three: Battle in the Outback ...

Mythic Australia Book by Ian Coate
In this trilogy, our heroes meet mythics from all eight environments in Australia.
Mythic Australia Creatures Mythical

For the younger kids, Mythic Australia has nice inspirational books and artworks.

Mythic Australia Book A Wonderful Day Mythic Australia Book Mini Manual Mythic Australia Activity Book
Mythic Australia Nutters Squeaks Squirts
Free Teacher's Resources.

As part of Mythic Australia, we have created ‘free’ Aussie-themed resources like colouring-ins, word searches and activities to print out from our website. They are completely free for anyone to download – there are even advanced colouring-ins for adults.  You can find these free resources on the Mythic Australia website.  Great for teachers and parents that need a break.

Australian Colouring InAustralian Activity Sheets
The Reaction to Mythic Australia.

We have been blown away with how Mythic Australia has been received.  We are so thankful for the many people who have joined us on this journey and follow us on social media.  We receive great feedback from teachers that have read our books to their classes and are delighted that their students have a new interest in Australia.  We particularly love hearing from families who have read our books together and have been inspired to go camping.

Ian Coate Sue Coate Mythic Australia

We love receiving photos of how children have dressed up as our characters for Book Week.

Book Week Costumes for Mythic Australia

We have even had articles written about Mythic Australia and been awarded “Heroes of Literacy.”

Mythic Australia Article


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Mythic Australia Magic Creatures

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