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Mythic Australia

Kip Nutter Mythic AustraliaIan Coate Sue Coate Mythic AustraliaFor close to two decades my wife and I have been quietly working on a project called, Mythic Australia.  A place of drop bears, hoop snakes and other mythic creatures only found in the enchanting Land-Down-Under.

In a nutshell, we hope to engage Aussie kids with their own country.  Due to the popularity of things like: Harry Potter, Pokemon and Lord of the Rings, Aussie kids are more engaged in other countries than in their own.  Furthermore, with international TV and the World Wide Web, Aussie kids are becoming more and more Americanised.  Not that there is anything wrong with being Americanised, but we would dearly love Aussie kids to be Australianised and share our great love in this amazing country, with its customs, oddities and slang.  And, if by chance, we create a little interest about Australia in the kids overseas – well, all the better.

So the challenge for us has been to create a fun and exciting Aussie universe to engage a child’s attention so they may be curious enough to discover just how MYTHIC Australia can be.  


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