Light Horse Art


Spirit of the Light Horseman

Title: Spirit of the Light Horseman
Media: Mixed media
Location of Original: Private Collection
Prints: Limited Edition of 1000.  Original Cost of Print: $99
Signatory on Print: Artist
Highest ‘Known’ Resale of Print: $650 Auction.
Description: 100 years of Light Horsemen charging together.

Spirit of the Light Horseman
By Ian Coate
Light Horse Art by Ian Coate


Details from the 'Spirit of the Light Horseman' Artwork

Light Horse art
Light Horse artwork
Light Horseman art
Your support helps me stay employed painting artworks - thank you.
Australian Military art by Ian Coate
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I would like to recognize the people who have contributed to the creation of this artwork. The production of which is a collaboration of many minds and various talents - I am simply the monkey at the end of the brush.

Thanks to 2nd/14th Light Horse & QMI Light Horse Historical Troop. A special mention to Lindsay & Mary Holmes, Chris Burns, Robert Thomas and Brett Williams from the Military Workshop.

These people's generosity of time contributed greatly to the print sales going to various SAS charities.


Painting in Progress Painting a Military Artwork
Behind the scenes look at the process.

This page takes a look behind the curtain in the process of producing a military artwork from conception to the finished artwork. PRESS HERE

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