Gary Goanna Goes Healthy

A culturally relevant storybook to increase awareness of diabetes prevention amongst Aboriginal children.
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This project was close to my heart right from the start. My daughter has type 1 diabetes (a different condition from type 2 diabetes), but any project dealing with diabetes and its prevention is so worthwhile.
I worked with some wonderful people on this project: Ebony Nardi and the team from Diabetes WA Aboriginal Health, plus some talented indigenous ladies who supplied the colourful artworks that make the backgrounds for this book. 
I believe this has been a hugely successful project that is now going into its second print run after the initial 10,000 books were eagerly swallowed up by schools, aboriginal communities and educational programs. 
You can see more about this project on the Diabetes WA Website.
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A few words from the Diabetes WA Aboriginal Health Team

Diabetes WA, supported by Bandyup Womens’ Prison, Desert Feet and True Blue, sought to increase awareness of diabetes prevention amongst Aboriginal children of school age, through the development of a culturally relevant storybook. The storybook, Gary Goanna Goes Healthy, promotes the key messages - eat healthy, choose water and keep fit and the development of the storybook was done in consultation with rural and metropolitan communities.
Diabetes WA currently has 10,000 copies of the books which will be available to Aboriginal communities state-wide and distributed to schools with an Aboriginal population, libraries, health institutions and centres to support the Diabetes WA team in their initiatives.
For more information about Gary Goanna Goes Healthy, or to obtain copies of the book, please contact the Diabetes WA Aboriginal Health Team via

A Newspaper Article from the Koori Mail featuring Gary Goanna
Gary Goanna Book
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Gary Goanna by Diabetes WA and Ian Coate
Indigenous Health Posters Posters for Oral Health and Diabetes WA
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