Drawing Tips for Expressive Features

Creating Expressive Eyes - the Window of the Soul
Step 1: Draw two circles and two pupils within.
Drawing CartoonsStep 2: Draw eyelids.
Cartoon FacesStep 3: A few more lines for detail.
Cartoon FacesStep 4: Adding colour and highlights always brings eyes to life.
Can you guess which eyes are sad, sleepy, suspicious, happy, angry and worried?
Creating Expressive Mouths - Lines Say a Thousand Words
happy facesStep 1: Draw shapes with different expressive mouths.
Angry facesStep 2: See if you can upgrade the expression. Example: if you have drawn a mad face now see if you can draw it really angry.
Which faces go from happy to delighted / surprised to shocked / nervous to scared / happy to delighted?
Now let's use the above techniques on a cartoon character.
Step 1: Draw a circle and a cross where you want your character face.
Drawing CartoonsStep 2: Draw basic shapes of face.
Cartoon FacesStep 3: Add facial detail.
Cartoon FacesStep 4: Try adding accessories like a hat.
Cartoon FacesStep 5: Once you are happy with your line work, add colour.
It should be easy to guess which face is annoyed, surprised, happy and guilty?
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A quick look at those tricky hands and feet.

Drawing Hands: hands are tricky at the best of times. You have to break them down to their basic shapes. Stop seeing them as hands and reduce them to sausages and circles.

Hint on hands: don't overwork them, keep it simple, less is more.

Drawing Feet: same principle as drawing hands, find the shapes and remember, less is more.
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