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Commissioning a Commemorative Artwork

Commemorative paintings are excellent ways to acknowledge a significant event and let future generations know that it was important and worthy of remembrance.
Ian Coate Military ArtistDue to the time and cost it takes to create a commemorative artwork, it’s usually an organisation or military unit that seeks to commission me.  However, when the organisation creates prints and merchandise of the original artwork, it not only pays for the artwork but also raises considerable funds well into the future. When this is done successfully, the military unit or organisation now has a valuable “cost-neutral” artwork to be displayed in their foyer or museum plus new imagery that can be used for years with their promotions and fundraising.
Ian Coate in front of commemorative artworks

Past commemorative artworks I have created have been successfully used for unit promotions and educational resources such as: Banners, Flyers, Signs, Book Covers, Presentations, Recruiting and Thank-You Cards.  And for fund raising merchandise they have been turned into: Prints, Coins, Can Coolers, Mugs, Notepads, Mousepads, T-shirts as seen below.

commemorative Painting Merchandise
This depends on your requirements.  How detailed is your painting? What is the size and medium? Will it require a photoshoot?  In a nutshell, past commemorative artworks I have created have ranged from $5,000 to $50,000.  Simply, I base my quotes on a $70 an hour rate and estimate how long it will take.
If you are interested in creating a commemorative artwork, please email me and we can chat about the details.  I am happy to freely advise and if I’m not the right fit, I am happy to recommend another artist who I think will meet your requirements. Send me an email by clicking on my email address:
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