Drawing & Painting Cute Animals

Drawing a Cute Animal - Using a Photo Reference
Australian Wallaby

Find a photo to use as a reference. Remember use the photo as just a guide. Draw it as you want - have a little fun.

Step 1: Draw very basic shapes and lines.

Step 2: Add shapes for features.

Steps 3-5: Bring your details into focus.

Drawing an Animal
Painting your Cute Animal - Using Watercolour
When I use watercolours, I paint in layers. I used five colours to complete the character below.
Usually, I wait for each stage to dry before moving onto the next.

You will notice I start with my lightest colours first and finish up with my darks.

Drawing an Animal
Shaping the Face

Drawing CartoonsFaces come in all shapes and sizes. From these four shapes you can make many faces.
It is important to break down your drawing into its simplest shapes.
Start to look at all things you are about to draw as shapes, as seen in the example below.

Shaping the Body
Drawing CartoonsStep 1: Draw basic shapes. Most animal cartoon characters can be broken down to circles and elipses.
Cartoon FacesStep 3: A few more lines for detail.
Cartoon FacesStep 4: Add colour and highlights to bring your character to life.
Cartoons on the Move
happy facesStep 1: Quickly draw a stick figure of your cartoon character in motion.
Angry facesStep 2: Add in details.
Angry facesStep 3: If you are colouring your character, do it quicker than normal which will give a greater sense of motion.
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