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Ian Coate Logo Christianity has played a big part in my life. In the early 2000’s, my wife and I worked with our church creating a series of free books and resources for a missionary outreach in India and Africa.
It was through this experience, we came to understand that many Christian Ministries around the world are trying to spread God’s Word, usually with no budget. It became evident to us that there was a great need for “free” Christian artworks to aid in communicating the Good News of Salvation.


So each week, my wife and I decided to dedicate a day creating free Christian resources for anyone to download at no cost or obligation – 'so all may hear the Gospel'.

Free Christian Resources and Bible images

As the demand grew worldwide for our Christian illustrations, Sue and I took the next step and created a dedicated website simply called: FREE CHRISTIAN ILLUSTRATIONS.

Free Christian Illustrations

If you are a Christian teacher or missionary, the FCI website has free resources to aid in your ministry.

A Personal Note on Christianity:

Today, it’s becoming increasingly unpopular to be seen as a Christian. Sadly, Christians are now widely viewed as being judgemental hypocrites that ignore science.  Many think Christianity is completely redundant and those that still hold to those beliefs are foolish.

I do understand why many people have rejected Christianity; they are disillusioned (and often disgusted) by the atrocities done in the name of religion. Furthermore, they believe the theories in science have now disproven God. 

Jesus Christ and RelgionLike everyone else, I cringe when I hear of the ungracious things said and done by religious people and the predatory crimes committed.  But these actions are not endorsed by Christian teachings.  What must be remembered is Jesus Christ condemned these actions and was no fan of organised religion.  In fact, it was religious people that conspired to nail him to the cross. When Christ was alive, he took a firm stand against hypocritical religious leaders; he tossed spiritual-swindlers out of the temple who were fleecing the public; he courageously stood between religious fanatics ready to execute a woman charged with adultery. We can see through Christ’s life that all Christians should be firmly against crusades, inquisitions, terrorist attacks, suicide bombings, human sacrifice, suppression of women and abuse of children. Sadly, this isn’t always so.

Organised religion has given Christianity a reputation it doesn’t deserve. If we reject Christianity on the basis of the despicable things done and said by religious people, we have judged Christianity and God unfairly. 

As to Christianity being unscientific, you may be surprised how many modern scientific thinkers are Christians.  (Check out Wikipedia’s: List of Christians in Science and Technology.)   As science progresses and discovers the complex designs behind creation, more and more analytical thinkers are rejecting unproven theories of evolution (where it is believed everything in the natural world originally appeared from nothing), and are considering that there is a Creator behind the complexities in creation.

I think it sad that society in general has become indifferent and even hostile to Christianity. I believe people will find great meaning and purpose to life if they would just give Christianity a hearing and consider its Gospel message. 

Angel writingWith that said, I do not wish to push my views on anyone, so I have put my Christian Illustrations and publications on a separate website.  If you are interested to ponder some easy illustrations on Christianity and why you should consider it, you are invited to visit our website: FREE CHRISTIAN ILLUSTRATIONSAs the title implies, everything on the website is free and we don’t solicit donations.

Below are some Christian subjects you may be interested in pondering.

Gordon CallowTribute to LCPL Gordon Callow

Gordon Callow’s virtue and attitude to life convinced me of the truth to Christianity just as much as his logical argument.
Gordon was a soldier in the Australian SAS who died on 12 June 1996 when two Black Hawk helicopters crashed at the High Range training area near Townsville in Queensland.
He is well remembered and his impact continues.

Christian Illustrations by Ian Coate