Dinkum Aussie Icons by Ian Coate

Aussie Icon: Nurse Possum

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Australian Icon Character Nurse Possum
When you have a fall or feeling sick, no furry animal is going to look after you better than Nurse Possum – she’ll lift your spirits and get you up in no time.
Wombat Australian Icon
Possum Facts: There are 23 known species of possums in Australia? If you have one thumping in your roof, it’s most likely a Common Ringtail or Common Brushtail Possum..
About Australia’s Iconic Nurse: In the First World War, Australia’s nurses became iconic as they served in over 190 locations overseas caring for our nation’s soldiers. When war was declared, the Commonwealth called up the nursing Reserve and by October 1914 over 300 nurses had volunteered for the service. 
Way out Woop Woop by Ian Coate
Dinkum Aussie Icons Garden Statues by Ian Coate Nurse Possum
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Dinkum Aussie Icons Garden Statues by Ian Coate
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