Dinkum Aussie Icons by Ian Coate

Aussie Icon: Lifesaver Penguin

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Australian Icon Character Lifesaver Penguin
Lifesaver Penguin is on a rescue mission.  Don’t be fooled by how slow and awkward he is on land; this cute little Aussie is a rocket in the water. 
Red Kangaoo Australian Icon
Little Penguin Facts: Often known as the Fairy Penguin, this penguin is the smallest in the world. They have bluish-gray eyes and spend most of their lives in water. Both the females and males take turns caring for their chicks.  They mate in the same area and have monogamous partners that last a lifetime.
About Australia’s Surf Lifesaver: Australia’s Surf Life Saving clubs first emerged in 1907 on Sydney’s Bondi beach and an Aussie icon was born.  Australia’s surf lifesavers have a world reputation for excellence and since 1907, surf lifesavers have rescued over 650,000 beachgoers.
Way out Woop Woop by Ian Coate
Dinkum Aussie Icons Garden Statues by Ian Coate Lifesaver Penguin
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Dinkum Aussie Icons Garden Statues by Ian Coate
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