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Aussie Icon: Kingfisher Kookaburra

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Kingfisher Kookaburra, like other kookaburras, rarely eats fish.  He fishes for sport – purely catch and release.  Fishing is a passion that has turned into an obsession.
Kookaburra Australian Icon
Kookaburra Facts: The kookaburra is the largest of the kingfisher family.  Due to their loud call at dawn and dusk, the kookaburra is known as the “Bushman’s Clock”.  Although not known as a bird of prey, Kookaburras are carnivorous, eating small snakes and reptiles, insects, mice and other young birds.
About the Aussie Fisherman: Australia is surrounded by ocean and we have one of the longest rivers in the world – no wonder fishing is a national pastime.  From professional to recreational, Aussie fisherman and women have been world leaders in the art of fishing.
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Dinkum Aussie Icons Garden Statues by Ian Coate Kingfisher Kookaburra
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Dinkum Aussie Icons Garden Statues by Ian Coate
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