Dinkum Aussie Icons by Ian Coate

Aussie Icon: Goldminer Echidna

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Australian Icon Character Convict Crocodile
Goldminer Echidna just loves a treasure hunt.  Give him a map and a rumour of riches and off he goes.  The only call that will stop Goldminer digging for treasure is the call to diner.
Echidna Australian Icon
Echidna Facts: Like the platypus, the echidna is an egg-laying mammal (a monotreme). They have toothless jaws, their spines are actually hairs and their body temperature is the second lowest of all mammals.  Their curved hind legs make them natural diggers and they can curl into a spiky ball for protection.
About the Aussie Goldminer: In 1851, a prospector discovered gold in Bathurst, New South Wales.  This would lead to Australia’s great gold rush.  For a period, Melbourne became the richest city in the world.  People flocked from many countries in hopes to make a fortune.  Some did, most didn’t – but what they did achieve in making was an Aussie icon – the Goldminer. 
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