Dinkum Aussie Icons by Ian Coate

Aussie Icon: Convict Crocodile

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Australian Icon Character Convict Crocodile
Poor Convict Crocodile; he gets into so much trouble.  He means well, but things always manage to go wrong.  Con just hasn’t grasped the concept of Private Property – but he’s trying (in more ways than one).
Wombat Australian Icon
Facts about Saltwater Crocodiles: They are the world’s largest reptile and have the strongest bite of any animal. Although crocodiles can strike their prey from underwater, they can only eat their prey above the surface.  Crocodiles sleep with their eyes open.
About the Convict: Over 160,00 convicts were transported to various penal colonies in Australia.  Most convicts were transported for petty crimes like stealing bread. When their sentence was served, most convicts stayed in Australia and became free settlers.  Many of Australia’s slang and attitudes come from our convict heritage.
Way out Woop Woop by Ian Coate
Dinkum Aussie Icons Garden Statues by Ian Coate Convict Crocodile
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Dinkum Aussie Icons Garden Statues by Ian Coate
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