Dinkum Aussie Icons by Ian Coate

Aussie Icon: Bushranger Platypus

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Australian Icon Character Bushranger Platypus
Watch out for this mean-tempered platypus.  He doesn’t like to be disturbed and is seldom in the mood to listen, but bring him potato chips and he’ll soon take off his armour.
Platypus Australian Icon
Facts about the Platypus: Even though a platypus is a mammal, these extraordinary animals lay eggs – making them a monotreme.  Platypuses have enough venom to kill a small dog. In 1798, when the platypuses were first discovered and a specimen was  sent to England, the British scientific community initially though it was a hoax.
About the Aussie Bushranger: In Australia, escaped convicts were the original bushrangers, but as the gold rush came to Australia, a few lawless characters took to a life of ‘robbery under arms’.  Men like Dan Morgan, Captain Thunderbolt, Dan Morgan and Ned Kelly would ‘bail-up’ people on the roads and rob small-town banks.  Today the bushranger has been romanticised into an Aussie Icon.
Way out Woop Woop by Ian Coate
Dinkum Aussie Icons Garden Statues by Ian Coate Bushranger Platypus
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