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Dinkum Aussie

Ian Coate Dinkum Aussie

What a great assignment this has been. I was approached by an innovator, Darren Bingley from Crossmark, a company that has the licenses for brands like Disney, Star Wars, the Smurfs and such, and make a variety of products for the large retailers.  Darren had the idea to create a new product for the Australian market that was Disney-like but with cute Aussie animals.  I liked the idea immediately and “Dinkum Aussie” was the end result.

Australian Dinkum Aussie Icon Animal characters

With the help of some talented 3D modellers, our Dinkum Aussie characters soon came alive. We had created our first batch of Dinkum garden statues.

Aussie Icons Australian Garden Statues
An Aussie adventure in your garden.

These little characters proved very successful and were quickly ordered by Woolworths and Bunnings for their Spring-Range.

Dinkum Aussie Icons Woolworths
Dinkum Aussie Icons Bunnings
Dinkum Aussie Icons at shops

From around Australia, we soon received many emails and messages on social media with photos of our Dinkum Aussie proudly in their new owner’s gardens.

Dinkum Aussie Icons in GardenDinkum Aussie Icons in Garden
Dinkum Aussie Icons in GardenDinkum Aussie Icons in Garden

We even had people travelling around Australia (and even the world) with our Dinkum Aussie characters (thanks for the photos).

Dinkum Aussie Icons in Canberra
Dinkum Aussie Icons in Perth
Meet the 'Dinkum Aussie' mob from Woop-Woop.
Aussie Icons Swagman Koala
Aussie Icons Australian Jillaroo Kangaroo
Aussie Icons Australian Lifesaver Penguin
Aussie Icons Australian Soldier Digger Wombat
Aussie Icons Australian Military Nurse Possum
Aussie Icons Australian Convict Crocodile
Aussie Icons Australian Goldminer Echidna
Aussie Icons Australian Fisherman Kookaburra
Aussie Icons Australian Bushranger Platypus Ned Kelly
COMING SOON to a shop near you.
Dinkum Aussie Icons in Shops
& join us for a future adventure in Woop-Woop.
Dinkum Aussie Land of Woop Woop
For more, please go to our Dinkum Aussie website:
Ian Coate with Dinkum Aussie Characters
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