Painting In Oil Paints

Ian Coate LogoThis page is only partially complete and is still under construction. Please come back soon and hopefully this page should be updated.

Ian Coate ArtistThese artworks were painted at the True Blue Gallery in Fremantle.

I met many wonderful people there who enquired about the steps employed to paint the Footsteps paintings.

For those who are interested, below is a visual progressions of two of the paintings .




Australian Footsteps Joey and Girl by Ian Coate

Joey and Girl (Oil on Canvas)





Australian Footsteps Boy Discovering Turtle by Ian Coate

Boy Discovering Turtle (Oil on Canvas)


Further Information

This series of paintings are done in collaboration with True Blue Gallery.

For any further information please visit their website at:



Thanks to Annette Kent & Kevin Coate (my dad) for the use of their excellent photos that I have gratefully used as references for this collection.