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Media: Oil on Canvas
Location of Original: Private Collection
Prints:General’s Edition, 250 / Artist Edition 2000  Original Cost of Print:General’s Edition $220 / Artist Edition $120
Signatory on General's Edition: Surgeon General, MAJGEN John Pearn, AM, RFD.  MAJGEN Simon Willis, AM, CSC.  MAJGEN David Ferguson, AM, CSC. & Artist
Highest ‘Known’ Resale of Print: General’s edition - $650, Charity auction.
Description: The painting is a tribute to Australian Peacekeeping - 30 deployments dating from the first, Korea in 1948 until Timor in 2000. Images include: Korea (soldier, Mustang and Vickers crew), Cambodia (Ankor Wat and skulls), Africa (search & medical), Bougainville (HQ's and civilian), Timor (statue), Australian Federal Police, military vehicles (M113, truck, motorcycle), aircraft (Bougainville Huey, Blackhawk, Mustang, Hercules), medical and naval images. Point of interest - the central female soldier is Sue Coate, the artist’s wife, who was in the first Timor deployment with 1st Joint Signals Unit. The little girl is their daughter with a sun tan.


Guest Signatories: MAJGEN Pearn & MAJGEN Ferguson

General Pearn

MAJGEN Pearn, MAJGEN Ferguson and MAJGEN Willis gave generously of their time to sign 250 prints to help raise money for military charities (MAJGEN Pearn and MAJGEN Ferguson pictured above signing the Peacekeeper).

Details from the Peacekeepers

The Peacekeeper
Peacekeeping image


Newspaper Clipping 2011

Calm Before the Storm
Army Art

I would like to recognize the people who have contributed to the creation of this artwork. The production of which is a collaboration of many minds and various talents - I am simply the monkey at the end of the brush.

Thanks to Brett Williams of the Military Workshop for his backing and support, 6RAR and all the soldiers that modeled. And a special mention to the signatories: MAJGEN Pearn, MAJGEN Ferguson and MAJGEN Willis.

These people's generosity of time contributed greatly to the print sales going to various SAS charities.

Ian Coate Logo Purchasing a Limited Edition Print
Some of my prints are for sale and some have sold out.  Drop me an email at: and let me know which print interests you and I will endeavour to link you to a supplier.
Please Note: Watch out for fake prints on ebay. Some overseas sellers are claiming they have legitimate prints for sale and are selling them under license. If you are unsure if they are legit, ask the seller if the print is personally signed by the artist. If you are still in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact me with any concerns.
A Few Words on Prints
What are Prints? Prints are high quality reproductions of original artworks.  A Limited Edition Print indicates there will only be a set number and will not be re-printed.
Print Tip: keep all prints away from direct sunlight or they will fade over time no matter the quality.
Are prints good investments? As investments prints are like shares - there is risk.  People will inevitably pay what they believe it to be worth. I have been fortunate that many of my limited editions print runs have sold out and some prints that originally sold for just over $100 have later sold at auction for over $5000. But the best rule in purchasing a print is to buy because it appeals or is meaningful to you.
For Print Collectors: under each military artwork on this page I have stated its 'Highest Known Resale’. This is the largest amount (that I have heard of) that one of my prints has been re-sold in a single sale, either privately, on ebay or at auction.  This may help you gauge the value of your print. 
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Painting in Progress Painting a Military Artwork
Behind the scenes look at the process.

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