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Our Duties Done

Title: Our Duties Done
Location of Original: Private Collection
Prints:VC’s Edition, 500 / Artist Edition 1000  Original Cost of Print:VC’s Edition $250 / Artist Edition $125
Signatory on VC's Edition:Victorian Cross Recipients: Ted Kenna and Keith Payne & Artist
Highest ‘Known’ Resale of Print: VC ’s edition - $20 000, Charity auction. (However this print had four VC signatures. Mark Donaldson and Ben Roberts graciously added their signatures for a charity auction)
Description: This painting commemorates our soldiers ultimate sacrifice at the altar of freedom for the past 100 years. The ghosts represent soldiers from the RAN, RAAF, Army & Nurses: also from the Boer War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Borneo, Malaya, Vietnam and the Middle East. The setting is in the Australian War Memorial where the names of the fallen are recorded. As a point of interest, the naval ghost is painted from a photo of Ian's uncle who served in the first HMAS Brisbane (DDG) crew, and Ian and his wife Sue modelled for the two ghosts in the foreground.

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Our Duties Done
By Ian Coate

For Freedoms sake we've been to war, on duty's principal
Since Vietnam back to the Boer we've paid the price in full.

We've fought in countries far and near over land seas and sky.
For longer than a hundred years we've waved our friends goodbye.

We've done our bit, our duties done.  It's time we had some leave.
Relax and have eternal fun is all we will achieve.

What a reunion it will be.  So many mates to meet.
The finest Digger's jubilee united and complete.

So remember and pay homage, honour the price we paid.
Enjoy your freedom to old age is how we'll be repaid.



I would like to recognize the people who have contributed to the creation of this artwork. The production of which is a collaboration of many minds and various talents - I am simply the monkey at the end of the brush.

Thanks to Brett Williams and Bob Whiston for their backing and support, Alan Smith, Sue Coate & Andrew Merchant. And a special mention to Victorian Cross Recipients: Ted Kenna and Keith Payne.

These people's generosity of time contributed greatly to the print sales going to various SAS charities.
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