Light Horse Art
Light Horse Art

Spirit of the Light Horseman (Mixed Media)
Artwork and Poem by Ian Coate
Original Artwork Location: Private Collection
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Australia has a legend that through her sons lives on.
Born from amidst the colonies; a horseman thereupon.

He derives from hardy stockmen; a yeoman cavalier.
He’s been tested under fire; a man with little fear.

To most countries he has traveled; through many wars he’s been.
He’s by far the strangest soldier the world has ever seen.

He’s a rider; he’s a fighter; a rogue; a gentleman.
He’s the devil with mobility; our greatest guardian.

With loyalty beyond reproach that one should never spurn.
This man’s respect is not a thing that you may easily earn.

He’s always unpredictable and lives the life of whim.
He doesn’t take it seriously; it’s all a game to him.

He’s a reckless man, a braggart, but in truth he’s earned his due.
There is little that he says that he can’t ever do.

While time has changed the horsemen’s job to a different art.
And years have passed since last they charged; he’s still the same at heart.

Even though his steed has altered, he knows when things get grim.
The spirit of the Light Horseman will always ride with him.

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Light Horse Artwork by Ian Coate

Charge (Oil on Canvas)
Original Artwork Location: Private Collection CLICK HERE for more...
This painting depicts the Turkish view of the Australian Light Horsemen charging at Beersheba with bayonets drawn. The Light Horse Association in Queensland used the ‘Charge’ image on the medallion to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of that last great cavalry charge in world history.

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Light Horseman Art

Memorial to the Light Horse (Pencil & Wash)
Original Artwork Location: 2nd/14th Light Horse Museum CLICK HERE for more...
Today's Light Horsemen salute and remember the sacrifice of yesterday's Light Horsemen.

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I would like to recognize the many people who have contributed to the creation of these artworks. The production of which is a collaboration of many minds and various talents - I am simply the monkey at the end of the brush.

The Light Horse Series: Thanks to 2nd/14th Light Horse & QMI Light Horse Historical Troop. A special mention to Lindsay & Mary Holmes, Chris Burns, Robert Thomas and Brett Williams from the Military Workshop.


Painting in Progress Painting a Military Artwork
Behind the scenes look at the process.

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