Book Publishing & Commercial Work
Ian Coate Logo Publishing a book is an immensely satisfying and rewarding experience. Creating your own book is something I would thoroughly recommend, be it a work of fiction, your memories, family history or a passionate interest. You are creating something that your children and family will treasure long after you are gone (even if they never actually read it).
If you are thinking of publishing a book, I would be happy to chat with you. I can also design and set your book up electronically so it is ready for the printers.
Below are some of the publishing projects that I have been fortunate to be involved with:

Foodbank WA - Super Hero Foods
Joe's Epic Breakfast Adventure

Produced by the Foodbank WA

Superhero Foods is an initiative developed by Foodbank WA and myself as a nutrition education resource for primary school aged children.
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Ian Coate BooksGary Goanna Goes Healthy
Gary’s Adventure in Preventing Diabetes

Produced by the Aboriginal Health Team – Diabetes Western Australia

Another eminently worthwhile project to work on: the ‘Diabetes Prevention Storybook’.  A culturally appropriate storybook for young aboriginal children. PRESS HERE for more…


Wombat childrens BookAustralian Capital Adventures
Written by Angela Moyle

This project has been a pure delight; made enjoyable from start to finish by the lovely author, Angela Moyle.  Australian Capital Adventures feature charming Aussie animals visiting ACT hot spots like Parliament House, Floriade and Canberra War Memorial.
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Mythic Australia
Enter the Incredible World of Magic Australia

‘Mythic Australia’ is a comprehensive bush guide to Australia’s magical creatures, illustrated with full colour portraits set to thrill even the most unimaginative youngster. Included in this collection is a series of Aussie fairytales staring home-grown heroes suddenly thrust against fantastical creatures lurking unseen in the enchanted Land Down Under.
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Hygiene First Aid imageHELP (Health Education - Lessons in Pictures)
A Pictorial First Aid Book

Produced by Jerry Barrett – Extreme Medical

Another eminently worthwhile project to work on. The HELP series endeavours to visually teach the basics of first aid, like: hygiene, burns, bites and brakes, to age groups and cultures that have low literacy.
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Christian Missionary Books
Christian Educational Books

Produced by Basic Training Ministries & Grace Tabernacle Ministries

A range of Missionary Children’s Books for Basic Training Bible Ministries. Published in four languages and distributed throughout America, South America, Africa, India and Australia.
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Lonely gravesLonely Graves & Mother O'Neill
Western Australian History Books

Written by Yvonne & Kevin Coate

These series of books were a pleasure to do; not only are they fascinating books regarding Western Australian history, but I spent many a fun day working with my mum designing and laying them out.
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Cockatoo BookJoe cockatooJoe
The true-life adventures of a Blue-eyed Cockatoo

Written By David Webb

Joe is a true story about a cheeky Blue-eyed Cockatoo who lived a carefree life as a young girl’s pet on a remote Pacific island plantation.
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aboriginal CartoonThe Aborigine and the Mermaid
An exciting tour in Culture, Mythology and Geography

Written and Illustrated by Ian Coate

The accidental meeting of an aborigine and a mermaid will change forever the way you view traditional stories and folklore.
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Billabong ValleyBillabong Valley Series
Adventures in Outback Australia

One of my earliest publishing projects was Billabong Valley working with the talented author, Don Cronk. For a self-published book, Billabong Valley has done extremely well. To the present day, it is sold in all states of Australia and has even had success overseas.
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Australian RealmsAustralian Realms
Sci-fantasy Magazines for Australian Role-players

I was seventeen when first asked to illustrate covers and contribute internal artworks for Australian Realms, a magazine for role-players of games like Dungeon & Dragons.
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Commercial Art

Ian Coate LogoI have designed various commercial ranges for the Australian tourism market.  The artworks I created were used to produce merchandise like: postcards, bookmarks, can coolers, fridge magnets, keyrings and mousepads (as seen right).
I learnt a lot about the difference in designing artworks I personally wanted to do and those that would actually sell.  This is where commercial art differs from fine art. Successful commercial art is judged on how well it sells.  So if you are thinking of creating artworks for the commercial market, seriously consider realistic consumer demand.

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Aussie AttitudesAussie Attitudes
This range of tourism products was primarily aimed at the children's market but proved to be just as successful with the adults.
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Australian Sunsets Australian Sunsets
This commercial range captures iconic Australian silhouettes against beautiful panoramic sunsets.
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Australian FootstepsAustralian Footsteps
This range features Australian indigenous wildlife and people with the footsteps they leave behind.
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Aussie Moments Aussie Moments
This small commercial range focuses on the funny moments that can only happen in Australial.
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Kangaroo cartoonFree Art & Illustration Tips
This page has step by step visual lessons on how to create, draw and paint your own original artworks, plus ‘Lesson PDFs' to download as a free teacher’s resource. PRESS HERE